The First Gut Punch Was The Divorce . . .

The Second Is Raising Your Chilren Alone.

You've Got One Chance To Get It Right, This Is It.

Finally...a Proven Way for Single Dads to Create a Dream Relationship With Their Children Even When They Say They Hate Your Guts!

“I Hate You!"

Those words STILL echo in my mind. The divorce was hard enough…it had been coming for a while…but to think that my child could shout those words at me when I was a “good father” was a real wake-up call for me. A quick Google search later that night for “I hate my Dad” blew me away. I was stunned! The rules were changing quickly and I needed help.

If you are a single father, you probably feel the same way.

As a single dad, you are now faced with decisions and challenges you never thought you would have to face alone. If you don’t have a plan or create one fast, you are standing on quicksand. If you don’t think it will happen to you, then you are already knee deep.

If you don’t care if your child loves and respects you… then goodbye, don’t read any further. But if you do care, then I’m offering you a life line. A proven system that you can begin implementing right away to create (or in some cases re-create) the relationship you want.

Let’s step back in time for a moment… back to the beginning.


You didn’t see it coming. Not just the divorce – you may have seen that coming, even welcomed it. But when the papers were signed and the dust settled you didn’t see the responsibilities, the decisions, the actions and the activities that you alone would now be responsible for.

You didn’t see the scared and hurt look on your children’s faces coming.

You didn’t see the communication chain that you must be a strong link in coming.

You didn’t see the weight of single parenting coming.

And you certainly didn’t feel the pressure of doing everything alone.

Now, instead of having a partner to turn to, someone to make decisions with, it’s up to you.

With the divorce the clock started ticking and now time is running out. If you didn’t start the process out right, you are already in “catch up” mode. Whether you are newly divorced or have been on your own for awhile, time is against you and your relationship with your children is at risk. It’s crunch time. It’s time for a plan.


In the next 60 days, there are certain things you have to do. I don’t care of your child is 6 or 16, you must do these things in order to set the tempo as a single parent, to instill a sense of trust and safety within your children and not mess them up for life.

You don’t believe me? Just google the words “I hate my dad” or look at the statistics of how children of divorce fair emotionally as adults.

It’s scary.

And it is your responsibility to make sure your children don’t end up a statistic. But you have to know how.

I’ll show you how

I’ll give you the plan and I’ll walk you through the process of being the best single dad you can be. Why should you trust me? Because I’m a single dad too. And more than that, I’m a college athlete, a military man, a sales man and an entrepreneur, all rolled up into one. I’ve taken the best parts of each of those roles and discovered the secret of developing children within a single parent environment that thrive in every way possible. You’ll want to not only listen to what I have to say, but implement every word. Because the spirit of your child, the future of your child, the emotional stability of your child depends on what you do…right now.

See, no one gave me a manual, I had to figure it out on my own, make mistakes, ask for help from peers and that is the hardest way of figuring it out. I started keeping track of what was working, what didn’t and why. I’ve documented everything you need to know to survive the critical first days and years of single fatherhood. I’m going to show you what I’ve spent years learning, what I and every other successful single dad wishes he’d have known.

In the next 60 days, I’m going to show you how to:

  • Not let your children down by creating and implementing your single parenting plan
  • Understand your children by discovering their personality and how that unique personality handles stress and grief
  • Utilize each of the parenting styles – at the exact time that you need them
  • Communicate with your ex by learning the top 10 crucial conversations you must have with her
  • Forgive and move on
  • Pass the parenting test that your children (and others) will be putting you through
  • Tap into and support the emotional issues your child is going through
  • Avoid holiday pitfalls
  • Begin dating again – in a way that doesn’t screw everything up

And much, much more.

Sixty days will pass quickly and there will be parenting traps you will step into (if you haven’t already) during that short period of time. I’m going to help you look into the future, see what’s coming and show you how to deal with it before it happens.

Remember, being a good dad is learned, it is not innate. Few things in life occur naturally, most come with instructions and a period of time called the learning curve. This is your learning curve. Accept that the way you parented when you were married is different than how you must parent now. Accept that you can’t see the future, that you don’t know what you are doing and open yourself to learning. Just like these dads did.


 “I thought I had it all figured out. It seemed like such a great idea to be at my ex’s house on Christmas morning, to be there when the kids woke up, to be a family again for just that day. Little did I know how confusing that was for my boys, to see me there, to believe for a moment that their mom and I were back together. It started the grief period for them all over again. Thanks Kevin, for helping me see all the other pitfalls I would have created that would have been as harmful as that one. My boys are doing great now and the new traditions that we are creating together are as special to them, and to me, as the other traditions used to be. I could have never thought of these things on my own.”

~ Russ, TN

“My ex and I hated each other and couldn’t be in the same room together before I began working with Kevin. Within 2 weeks, we had our first civil conversation. Within a month, we planned – and attended together– a party for our youngest. I didn’t know how much stress our fighting was causing the kids, how they blamed themselves for our not getting along. I feel like I’ve been given a second chance to do this right and it is really awesome to be able to communicate with Kathy without worrying about being poisoned or stabbed.”

~John, FL

“Consistency. That one word changed everything for me and my kids. Thank you Kevin for helping me create a plan and implement that plan in a way that my kids appreciated and thrived.”

~Robert, MA

“My girls were older when my wife and I divorced so I mistakenly believed they could simply handle it. Boy, was I wrong. Having older children didn’t save me from being labeled as selfish and incompetent as a father and looking back at my actions, and inactions, I could see how they would view me as that. By following your plan, I was able to re-establish a positive relationship with my girls, to re-create trust and have fun together. I really enjoy being a dad again.”

~Tony, PA

“By the end of the weekend, my son was bouncing off the walls and absolutely driving me crazy. I would end up yelling, spanking and generally was thrilled to drop him back off to his mom. It wasn’t until I learned how the food I was feeding him was creating his behavior that I began to pay attention to what we both were eating. Just by making the changes to his diet, he slowed down and became calmer. I’m just glad your suggestions didn’t require that I attend cooking school!”

~Rick, CA

I know what you must be thinking by now. How much does a coaching program like this cost?

If you are like most single parents, I know finances are tight. There was the expense of the divorce, new housing and the dreaded child support/alimony to pay out. While you are going to learn how to create a budget and financial plan during this 8 week course (I haven’t even shared with you all the bonuses you’ll receive yet), I want to be sensitive to your budgetary restraints now. That is why I am offering you this powerful 8 week course that will teach you the skills, provide you the tools and support you with strategies to make this most important job of raising successful kids at a rate that makes it easy for you to say yes. You’ll receive this course, along with all the bonuses I will mention in a moment for a one-time payment of $197. If smaller payments are easier, you can make 2 payments of $99.

And you can begin right away.

The moment you register, you’ll receive your first course to get you started right now. In that first course, you begin to create your single parenting plan and receive a powerful checklist that you must implement to become a successful parent.

Don’t go this alone! The well-being of your children is too precious to just wing it to save a few bucks. Learn from my experience and the years of research I have compiled to short circuit and speed up the process of becoming the effective single father you want, and need, to be.

Do it.  Right now, right here.


Purchase Single Dad Success $197



Or Make 2 Payments of $99

Along with your 8 week course, you'll recieve these amazing bonuses to make life easier in many areas of your life:

  • Calendar with reminders, so that important dates won't fall through the cracks
  • Crucial conversations audio - listen in as I walk you through the discussions you must have with your ex-spouse
  • Financial planning information - so that you can budget and keep on top of your financial obligations
  • Kid friendly meals - feed them well, feed them healthy

And much more.