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I did not set out to become a single Dad. In fact, I never thought for a minute I would be a single Dad. I was going to have a traditional Family…Mom, Dad, couple of kids, couple of pets, just your typical Family. But, of course…..that’s not how the story goes.

I am Kevin Kullander, a Single Dad, a Successful Dad. I know I am a successful Dad because I am the proud Father of 2 grown daughters. My oldest is a College graduate and is now pursuing her dream of becoming a Chef in her own Restaurant. My youngest is enjoying her life as a college student still dreaming of how she will leave her mark on the world.

The Traditional Family
You see, I grew up in Arkansas. I was the oldest of 4 and kept my Parents busy hauling me from one sporting event to another. My athletic abilities (trust me not my academic ability) enabled me to attend the United States Military Academy where I played football and ran track during my 4+ years at the Academy. While at West Point I met the love of my life and 17 days after graduating we got married. 3 months later we embarked on our 1st duty assignment in Germany. We served 5 years and resigned from active duty, settling in the Northeast, where we went about the joys of raising our 2 wonderful daughters.

Life was perfect, just the way it was designed to be.

Until the night my world crumbled and my wife left me for another man. I went from a 2 parent home to a single parent home sharing joint custody of our children.

A Whole New World
I was not prepared for being a single Dad, and had to rely on the things I knew to get me through the rough times of single parenting. Unfortunately, those “things” were the Military and Sales. I know, not the 1st things to come to mind when trying to raise young children. But remember, the Military was all about “systems” and learning from mistakes (after action reports). And Sales is a system that takes you from not knowing someone to meeting them to closing them to insuring they continue to buy more from you. I combined both and came up with the Secrets to Success.

What I Learned
For the last 15 years I have been saving all my thoughts on Parenthood about what worked well and what didn’t work. Both the Military and Sales taught me that the best way to replicate success was to document it. And, the best way to keep from making the same mistake over and over again was to document what went wrong…. and why.

What You Will Learn From Me
I will be sharing with you what I did that was successful and some of the things I did that weren’t successful to help me raise Happy, Healthy Children. I will also share why it is so important to maintain a respectful relationship with your EX for the benefit of your children (which is often harder than raising the kids). I am also a Professional Speaker and Trainer available to speak to your single parent group, Church group, or larger organization.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my life, my struggles and lessons with you. I’m proud that the combination of those elements created amazingly balanced and healthy children for me. And I’m happy to share my Secret of Success with you.